LLC “Metalo Galva Ukraine” has such major activities

Company provides a wide range of services for anti-corrosion coating of metal surfaces by means of “hot-dip galvanization”:

  • metal constructions;
  • steel building constructions;
  • power transmission towers (pylons) (including hi-tension);
  • cell towers and telecommunication pillars;
  • street light lamp and floodlight posts;
  • road fences and signs;
  • car bodies and parts;
  • round steel pipes;
  • profile steel pipes;
  • pipeline components;
  • fasteners and hardware (bolts, nuts and etc.);
  • various metal products;
  • diamond steel metal sheets and much more.

Company has deployed own various complexity steel construction manufacturing.

  • various tension double and single circuit power lines (in the range between 0,38 kV – 750 kV);
  • full variety of different portal frames, masts;
  • railings, stair flights;
  • farm building constructions, racks, columns, girders, ties for building structures and etc.

Why our products are the best

All products are manufactured by the best world equipment and passed quality control in accordance with the requirements of standards
Production capacity

Production capacity

LLC "Metalo Galva Ukraine" has the capacity to provide in high volumes and in short terms zinc-plating services for own customers. Italian’s equipment BISOL was installed on the galvanizing line and has productivity about 45000 t/year.



All products are manufactured and passed quality control in accordance with the requirements of national standards DSTU and international ISO. The list of certificates of conformity is available here.



The high-tech enterprise LLC "Metalo Galva Ukraine" is unique by technological equipment and has no analogues and competitors in production capacities throughout Ukraine. The product line allows galvanizing metal structures up to 13 m long and weighing up to 8 tons.


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